Take you to understand the advantages and disadvantages of PTC heating technology

2020-11-03 18:52:31

Take you to understand the advantages and disadvantages of PTC heating technology

The essence of PTC heating technology is also a resistive heat release method. First explain the meaning of PTC, which translates to "positive temperature coefficient". The full name of PTC heating element is "positive temperature coefficient thermistor heating element". Due to the length and winding, the domestic abbreviation PTC heating element is basically. This type of heating element has a very good characteristic, that is, constant temperature heating. Our common PTC heating elements have a temperature value of 250 ℃-280 ℃. Because the characteristic of PTC thermistor is that the higher the temperature, the greater the resistance. When the temperature reaches the temperature value, its resistance will reach infinity, and it will start to be non-conductive. When the temperature drops, it starts to conduct electricity again, and heating can continue. This is determined by semiconductor characteristics. This use of special resistive materials can greatly improve the efficiency of electricity-to-heat conversion, while not afraid of high temperature and overload. Scientists and technicians merge this thermistor into a ceramic body to make a PTC semiconductor ceramic, which makes a heating body with many advantages. If the semiconductor ceramics are directly placed in the water, it will also cause unsafe factors, so the PTC semiconductor ceramics are placed close to the heater water tank and insulated to form a PTC heater.

The advantages of this type of heater:

1. Absolute separation of water and electricity, no leakage to the entire water pipeline to ensure life safety.

2. No radiation, no pollution, no harm to human body from electromagnetic radiation.

3. The electric heating conversion rate is high. Because it is a professional heating material, it can fully convert electric energy into heat energy without excessive energy conversion.

4. Long service life. Because it is a professional heating element, the service life of the device is more than 30,000 hours. The conversion to the heating season is about 15 years or more.

5. There is no open flame and no light consumption, the thermistor can only generate heat, and will not glow like a resistance wire. Therefore, there is no light consumption, which greatly improves the power utilization rate.

Even with so many advantages, PTC heaters have disadvantages in use, that is, slight scaling will occur in the heating water tank. But it is much smaller than electromagnetic and electric heating rods.