• What is PTC?

    PTC has been widely used in various fields of the electronics industry, so what is PTC? How does it work?PTC is a kind of semiconductor heating ceramics. When the outside temperature decreases, the re

    2020/11/03 hongling

  • Voltage-current characteristics

    The voltage-current characteristic, also known as the volt-ampere characteristic, refers to the relationship between the voltage at both ends of a pattern and its steady-state current in still air at

    2020/11/03 hongling

  • Current-time characteristics

    Current-time characteristics The current-time characteristic of a PTC element refers to the relationship between the current I flowing through the element and the time T when the rated operating

    2020/11/03 hongling

  • Resistance-temperature characteristics

    The resistance-temperature characteristic of a PTC component refers to the relationship between the zero-power resistance value of the component and the temperature of its resistor under the specified

    2020/11/03 hongling

  • What is a recoverable fuse?

    The recoverable fuse is an overcurrent protection element made of a mixture of polymer materials and conductive materials. At room temperature, its impedance is very small, but it will form a high-imp

    2020/11/03 hongling

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