What is a recoverable fuse?

2020-11-03 19:33:53 hongling

The recoverable fuse is an overcurrent protection element made of a mixture of polymer materials and conductive materials. At room temperature, its impedance is very small, but it will form a high-impedance state after the action, and automatically return to a low-impedance state when the fault is removed.

According to the maximum voltage that can withstand, the recoverable fuse can be divided into multiple series, and each series is divided into several models according to the different working current. Take the products produced by our company as an example: WH series are divided into WH6 series, WH16 series, WH30 series, WH60 series, WH130 series, WH250 series and WH600 series according to the voltage division. Each series is divided into several models according to the working current. .

Recoverable fuse application range WH6 series products are suitable for circuits with low working voltage and relatively small working current, such as computers, computer peripherals, toy industries and other fields.