Incubator circuit board development

Incubator circuit board developmentProduct Specifications:Working conditions1.1 Power supply: 220 V/50 Hz1.2 Ambient temperature: 23~27℃ (status)1.3 Environmental humidity: 50~70%RHuse2.1 Egg hatching

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Incubator circuit board development

Product Specifications:

Working conditions

1.1 Power supply: 220 V/50 Hz

1.2 Ambient temperature: 23~27℃ (status)

1.3 Environmental humidity: 50~70%RH


2.1 Egg hatching


3.1 Fully automatic: automatic constant temperature, constant humidity, automatic egg turning, automatic air exchange, automatic fault alarm;

3.2 The industry's first air duct mixing system: cold and warm air are mixed in the air duct, the air flow is unobstructed, and the mixing is more uniform, and the temperature difference between each egg tray is ≤0.3℃;

3.3 Combination of humidification and purification of the air in the machine: the egg-passing air must flow through the water for cleaning, which further improves the incubation environment and is conducive to hygiene and epidemic prevention;

3.4 A new generation of computer controller: short circuit protection, standby heating circuit, 12V external DC power supply;

3.5 Box material: The outer shell is made of 0.426mm galvanized sheet and plastic sprayed sheet. The bulk density of the sandwich material is 16g/c㎡, which has good thermal insulation and high mechanical hardness;

Technical index

4.1 Temperature control range: 34.2℃~39.5℃ Temperature control accuracy: ±0.1℃

4.2 Humidity control range: 30%RH~70%RH Humidity control accuracy: ±3%RH

4.3 Automatic egg turning, turning egg angle 45°(±2°)

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