Detector circuit board solution development

2020-11-03 18:45:02 hongling

Detector circuit board solution development

Technical Parameters:

Detection method Laser beam detector output

Power supply RS232 1200 baud 8N1 (optional)

Voltage 11-15VDC analog 0-5V

Current consumption 200mA, switch threshold is at 1000 meters visibility

60mA without heating system

Laser output power less than 54mW optional

Laser wavelength 650nm-control air temperature through PT1000

Size 120 x 120 x 90 mm-can be used with fog sampler NES 210

Weight about 1,3kg-power supply components

Operating temperature -20...+50 °C-bracket

Warm-up time: about 1 minute

System protection IP 65

Visibility range 20… 3000 m

main feature:

working principle

A narrow red laser beam is emitted from the front opening. The detector behind the lens at the other opening is sensitive to incident laser light from a narrow slit overlapping the transmitter beam. If there are fog particles in the overlapping area, the light will be scattered back and be detected by the detector, and an original output signal will be generated. The sensitive area is approximately 30 cm in front of the sensor, and the volume is less than 1 cubic centimeter

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