Jacquard machine control board program development

2020-11-03 18:42:14 hongling

Jacquard machine control board program development

The main function: 

1. Unique jacquard drive structure, each part has a lubrication device, simple and convenient maintenance, strong and reliable, and long service life.

2. The full clear opening is more conducive to the formation of the weaving mouth, it is more convenient to debug the loom, and the webbing is more beautiful.

3. It can adopt variable frequency speed regulating device or two-speed driving device, fast and slow speed can be adjusted easily, which greatly improves work efficiency.

4. The frame transmission structure is reasonable, sturdy and reliable, stable transmission, beautiful and generous.

5. The weft feeding device adopts the open structure of the weft and the bottom thread, and the replacement and adjustment of its parts are more convenient. This device can adjust the feeding speed without stopping, which greatly improves the speed and flexibility of the belt adjustment.

6. Adopt advanced large-scale integrated circuit technology, engage in high-performance 32-bit industrial control unit, reliable file U disk input, and large electronic version storage capacity.

7. Friendly man-machine interface, with production scheduling, system self-checking, real-time detection and other functions, stable and reliable comprehensive performance.

 The components are sealed by composite materials, the solenoid valve and the drive plate are separated, which is easy to maintain and maintain. In order to achieve long-term reliability and practicality, the miniature ball bearing pulley is used to bear the load, and the jacquard rope is connected with a quick connection device.

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