Scheme of Intelligent Milk Puncher

2019-07-18 11:26:16

Scheme of Intelligent Milk Puncher

Brief description of the programme:

The goal of this project is to develop an intelligent milk-washing machine which can be remotely controlled by mobile phone APP. It has the basic functions of boiling water, milk-washing, temperature regulation and disinfection, as well as the features of using records and sharing. The APP also includes malls, Wechat public numbers and video tutorials.

The scheme includes:

WIFI Module, Mobile App (Android/IOS), Web Management Platform Overall Solution

Functional Profile:

1. Provide mobile phone number, email, and login for mainstream third-party applications, such as Weixin, QQ, Weibo.

2. After the configuration is successful, enter the setting parameters page and enter the mobile phone control interface. If the device sensor detects an exception, an error page is prompted. It is convenient for customers to get configuration information and prompt careless customers, so as to avoid misuse.

3. The main functions are disinfection, drinking water and boiling, which are suitable for daily milk flushing, and solve the tedious links in the process of milk flushing for babies.

4. In the APP of milk-punching machine, housekeeper menu, prompt function and growth log are also set up to increase user experience and product selling point.

5. The web management platform provides information push, product maintenance and product sales distribution in the mall, which can provide reference for customers'second sales.

6. The use of closed door, built-in Philips UV ultraviolet lamp, does not produce ozone, can destroy the molecular structure of viruses and bacteria, achieve sterilization.

7. Multi-user, multi-device, multi-language, multi-standard, support global access, controllable anywhere.