Intelligent Human Scale Scheme

2019-07-18 11:31:02

Intelligent Human Scale Scheme

Brief description of the programme:

Intelligent body weighing device has built-in WiFi module internet. Under human-computer interaction, through data transmission between control board, WiFi module and cloud service, the smart phone client can display weight, fat, weight curve and other information remotely.

The scheme includes:

WIFI Module, Mobile App (Android/IOS), Web Management Platform Overall Solution

Functional Profile:

1. Provide mobile phone number and mailbox login mode.

2. App real-time display of body weight.

3. Generate assessment reports according to body weight, including reminders to determine BMI index, and get real-time information about your health.

4. Record historical data and keep track of your weight change data at any time.

5. According to the user's weight change, generate the weight trend, BMI trend, and master their own body changes.

6. Product socialization, networking and people-friendly. Support sharing anytime, anywhere, can be shared to QQ, Weixin, Weibo and other social software.