Intelligent self-lifting cabinet solution

2020-11-03 19:03:35

Intelligent self-lifting cabinet solution

The WeChat self-service vending cabinet solution is a solution tailored to the self-service vending scene. It can provide a complete set of smart express cabinet solutions and customize various vending cabinet solutions according to your needs, such as shared power bank rental cabinets, smart Borrow book cabinets, smart food cabinets, smart express cabinets, etc.


With the prosperity of my country's e-commerce, the rapid development of the express industry has been driven. In 2016, the number of express parcels in China exceeded 30 billion. In order to solve the problem of the last 100 meters, traditional express companies need to set up a large number of points, but they still cannot meet the 24-hour service. In order to solve this problem, express companies have set up a large number of self-service cabinets in the community to meet market demand.

Corresponding washing industry also faces the same problem, and smart washing cabinets are also born.

Develop quickly provides solutions for the Internet of Things self-service cabinets to help companies quickly realize the research and development and production of various self-service cabinets.