Intelligent lighting solutions

2020-06-19 15:39:43

Intelligent lighting solutions

The intelligent light strip/intelligent LED light/smart lighting control system/intelligent lighting solution adopted in this solution connects to the Internet through the independently designed WiFi control board to realize the remote control of the LED light strip by mobile phone WeChat.

Brief Introduction

1. Project Background

Today, when the mobile Internet is so popular, smart home is the embodiment of the Internet of Things under the influence of the Internet. With the continuous acceleration of information technology innovation, more and more smart homes have entered the public's field of vision, from smart door locks to smart rice cookers, from smart air conditioners to smart refrigerators, as cooperative enterprises have generally entered the moment of results, smart homes New products will emerge one after another, and more new cases will emerge in the industry. The control methods of traditional lighting are mostly based on fixed location switches. In recent years, with the development of mobile Internet, a new generation of lighting has become intelligent, and intelligent lighting has gradually moved from industrial and commercial buildings, government units, and public buildings. General communities and homes provide more power-saving, smarter, and more convenient control to create different light environments to improve people's living quality; with the popularity of the Internet of Things, services that can be controlled through the cloud will become smart lighting in the future The mainstream of development.

2. Purpose of this article

This article is mainly an attempt on the original products. It will take a new path in the home intelligent lighting system, intelligentize the light belt, design a set of intelligent light belt control system solutions, and realize an ecosystem that interacts with smartphones and light belts. , And switch between many different colors through the built-in small controller.

Solution function

Program Overview

The intelligent light strip control system used in this solution is connected to the Internet through a independently designed WiFi control board to realize remote control of LED light strips on mobile phone WeChat.


Mobile phone remote control. The user can remotely control the light belt through the mobile phone.

Intelligent lighting system. Enter the control panel by hand to control the switch and color change of the LED strip

Program meaning

After the intelligent light belt control system is adopted, the artificial opening and closing of ordinary lighting is converted into intelligent management, which can make the lighting system work in a fully automatic state, effectively reducing the operating cost of the lighting system, and can be used in various public places and private The occasion is widely used.