Smart health pot solution

2020-11-03 19:08:02

Smart home uses housing as a platform, integrates system, structure, service, management, and control. It uses network communication technology to organically combine computer technology with various equipment in home life, and comprehensively manage home equipment through the network to create a high-quality , High-efficiency, comfortable, safe, convenient, energy-saving, healthy and environmentally friendly living environment space.

      As new technologies such as computer technology and information technology continue to be integrated into smart homes, their content is becoming more and more abundant. However, smart homes cannot provide more services due to technological systems. The various subsystems of the smart home are basically "information" islands. Because there is no developed protocol, unified interface and database, technical coordination and system integration are difficult, so the interconnection and intercommunication between the subsystems have not been realized. And interoperability, it is also difficult to achieve true intelligence. In view of the current development of smart homes, Sinan IOT first developed a zigbee/z-wave/RF to Wi-Fi/RJ45 gateway for the front-end smart home’s zigbee/z-wave/RF networking methods to make it a smart home system Internet, and build cloud computing back-end and develop web pages and mobile apps for customers, so that users can directly access the web pages through the Internet (mobile phones or PCs), and mobile apps directly enter the home gateway, and it is real-time and safe for all households. A variety of sensors (such as infrared detectors, door magnetic switches, fire detectors and smoke gas detectors, etc.) are monitored to realize remote monitoring and intelligent control of home appliances (such as air conditioners, refrigerators, microwave ovens, etc.).

Smart health pot solution

Brief description of the scheme:

Intelligent health-preserving pot program, traditional health-preserving pots can only automatically set the temperature for making tea and coffee, creating a new type of smart health-preserving pot health-preserving machine, which can adjust the appropriate temperature of various types of brewed tea according to public tastes, and develop the most suitable Brewing process. Different health products have different brewing methods. Through the cloud menu, a variety of professional brewing menus are provided, and they will never become a health expert.

Function introduction:

1. Provide mobile phone number and email registration method.

2. The smart health pot creates an original multi-level smart menu. There are only 13 functions displayed on the panel. Each function in the mobile APP can be divided into multiple sub-menus. For example, the "tea" function is divided into wolfberry, chrysanthemum tea and fruit. Tea, mint rose tea, etc.

3. If the health pot has no water or the water volume is insufficient, the user can click the pump button after selecting the function. There are five water levels of 200ml, 400ml, 600ml, 800ml and 1000ml for users to choose. In case of failures such as no water, short circuit, dry heating, no pot, etc., the bottom plate will feed back data to the APP, and the APP will make pop-up windows, vibration and sound prompts accordingly.

4. The web management platform provides news push, product maintenance in the mall, and product sales distribution, providing a reference for customers' secondary sales.

5. Equipment distribution analysis, both domestic and foreign equipment can be managed and viewed.

6. Realize message push and interact with users in real time.

7. Multi-user, multi-device, multi-language, multi-standard, supports global access, and can be controlled anywhere.

Web-side management solution:

1. Realize the management of the equipment sold by customers on the Web end and monitor the status of all equipment.

2. New devices can be viewed separately, the total number of devices, the number of new devices today, the number of new devices in the past seven days, the number of new devices in the past 30 days, and the cumulative number of connected platform devices.

3. Realize the regional management of all equipment and know the sales area of the equipment in real time.

4. Realize fault management: device name, device type, device id, fault type, fault description, processing status, fault time, operation and other data display.