Tower crane/crane lifting safety system

2020-06-19 15:31:29

It is used for anti-collision of tower cranes or cranes. Through various sensors and three-dimensional calculation, it can realize anti-collision alarm and control of tower cranes and tower cranes, and tower cranes and obstacles.

1. System Overview of Tower Crane/Crane Hoisting Safety System



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1.1 Internet of Things Gateway for Crane Tower Crane or Crane:

Receive the parameters and instructions sent by the remote monitoring platform and the site monitoring center and execute them according to the implementation to realize the parameter configuration and related control of the equipment; at the same time, actively upload related data to the remote monitoring platform and the site monitoring center according to the configuration; in addition, realize the crane tower crane Or anti-collision algorithm and control of crane, sound and light alarm, etc. .

1.2 Remote monitoring platform:

To receive the information data sent by the IoT gateway, the information data that needs to be sent to the third-party platform will be processed accordingly and then sent to the third-party application platform; send the instructions of the third-party application platform and the general-purpose platform to the intelligent IoT gateway And ask it to respond correctly. Store real-time and alarm data, and at the same time can play back the running process of the alarm.

1.3 Construction site monitoring center:

Receive the relevant data of the IoT gateway, detect its status, receive its alarm information; send instructions to the IoT gateway, and manage its settings, etc.

Second, the Internet of Things gateway system parameters

1) Support wireless network: 2G: GSM850/900/1800/1900MHz, 3G: EVDO, TD-SCDMA.

2) Support Ethernet: 10M/100M

3) Support zigbee communication to realize direct communication between tower crane and communication between tower crane and site monitoring center.

4) Support 3D anti-collision algorithm and 3D stereo protection.

5) Support GPS positioning, remote monitoring platform GIS can easily manage all tower crane equipment in a region.

6) Support remote software update and reduce maintenance cost.

7) Support language alarm.

8) ARM processor, low power consumption, high reliability.