• Shared charging line solution development

    Shared charging line solution developmentIndependent business back-end operation system, real-time view of the income of each reserveThe charger comes with a one-to-three charging cable that supports

    2020/11/03 101

  • Smart shoe program development

    Smart shoe program development Smart shoes, as the name suggests, are shoes with smart functions. Smart shoes are a cross-domain product. Its foundation is shoes, but it also carries the characteri

    2020/11/03 99

  • Shared washing machine solution development

    Shared washing machine solution development With the development of the times and the acceleration of the pace of life, the 24-hour uninterrupted operation and unattended autonomous business model

    2020/11/03 76

  • Chocolate fountain machine program development

    Chocolate fountain machine program developmentCircuit board copy board parameters:Specification: 220×220×430mmVoltage: 220VPower: 2.1KWHeating method: electric heatingNet weight: 1.5KGFeatures1. Using

    2020/11/03 hongling 37

  • Detector circuit board solution development

    Detector circuit board solution developmentTechnical Parameters:Detection method Laser beam detector outputPower supply RS232 1200 baud 8N1 (optional)Voltage 11-15VDC analog 0-5VCurrent consumption 20

    2020/11/03 hongling 41

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