Smart air purifier

2020-11-03 19:09:50

Smart air purifier

In order to be able to understand and monitor air quality more intuitively, the smart air purifier is equipped with an intelligent monitoring system, which can be simply understood as an air quality supervisor. Through the built-in monitoring equipment, it can make a real-time judgment on air quality. Consumers can choose to use air purifiers according to their air quality.


This article mainly provides people with multi-functional smart air purifiers based on its own original technology and resources through humanized design, sensor technology, and Internet technology.

The main control board of the smart air purifier solution is the core, including liquid crystal display (detailed sensor parameters), button control, and Wi-Fi modules.

The control board provides industry customers with reference to reserve the necessary interface parts for air purifiers, including temperature and humidity sensor interface, PM2.5 sensor interface, Wi-Fi module interface, motor control interface, negative ion generator control interface, etc.

Solution function

Mobile phone remote control

Users can remotely control the air purifier through mobile phone WeChat

Parameter display function

The main control chip collects sensor parameters through the control board interface, and displays them on the LCD screen through the LCD display drive, and the LCD screen is customized according to needs

PM2.5 collection function

Through the PM2.5 sensor interface on the control board, it can be directly connected to the PM2.5 sensor, which can adaptively collect the current range of PM2.5 parameters of the air purifier

Button control function

Control panel buttons provide on/off button, mode selection button (manual mode/auto mode), wind speed control button (auto/1 gear/2 gear/3 gear/4 gear/5 gear), wireless Wi-Fi networking button function

Humidity collection function

Through the temperature and humidity sensor interface on the control board, you can easily access mainstream temperature and humidity sensors, and can adaptively collect the current temperature and humidity parameters of the air purifier

Motor control function

Through the fan interface motor on the control board, the wind speed can be adjusted with the button, and the wind speed control is supported (automatic/1 gear/2 gear/3 gear/4 gear/5 gear), and the effect of adjusting the wind speed can also be achieved using APP software

Negative ion function

Through the control board oxygen anion module interface, it can be connected to the oxygen anion module of Xiding Technology, and the anion module can be controlled by the button. The APP software can also achieve the effect of controlling the anion module. It can also achieve the effect of controlling the needle loop module

Overall design

With the development of Internet of Things technology, mobile Internet, communication technology, etc., smart products applied in various sub-fields of smart home are full of opportunities and challenges. The home environment is an important factor in the comfort of home life. Air purification products can be more "intelligent" management and control by integrating multiple technologies, but the most important thing is that the products can indeed bring customers a comfortable home living environment.