Intelligent dialogue control light module

2020-11-03 19:14:51

LED light voice control chip, lamp voice recognition chip, intelligent dialogue control light module

1. Product industry background

Lamps refer to devices that can transmit light. From the earliest torches and oil lamps to modern LED lighting, it is an evolution of science and fashion.

Intelligent dialogue control light module

2. Main functions of smart lights

The lamp is a must-have appliance for every household, with a wide variety of appearances, mainly to emit light through electrification and other means to make the dark environment bright.

Intelligent dialogue control light module

Third, the value of voice recognition on smart lights

Usually, the brightness of the light is controlled by pressing the switch by hand. The smarter one is to control it by remote control or even through the mobile phone APP, but these are not the most convenient solutions. Smart lights plus voice recognition can be used. To identify and control the lights by speaking, compared to pressing the switch before going to the switch, compared to the mode of opening the mobile APP and then turning on the lights, it is the most user-friendly and convenient to control the lights through voice recognition.

Intelligent dialogue control light module

Fourth, the voice recognition entry of smart lamps:

1. Turn on the lights

2. Turn off the lights

3. Brighter

4. Brighter

5. Darker

6, make it darker

(More voice entries can be customized)

V. Voice recognition solutions suitable for smart lamps:

        The WTK6900 voice recognition program has a small size, high recognition rate, and a recognition distance of 3 meters to 4 meters. For home lighting, this recognition distance is sufficient to control the lighting with a high recognition rate, and the price is favorable.

LED Lamp Sound Control Chip, Lamp Speech Recognition Chip, Intelligent Dialogue Control Lamp Module

I. Product Industry Background

Lamp, refers to the transparent appliances, from the earliest torch, oil lamp, to modern LED lighting, is a scientific fashion evolution.

II. Main Functions of Intelligent Lamp

Lights are indispensable to every household. There are many kinds and appearances. They emit light mainly by means of electrification, so that the dark environment becomes bright.

The Value of Speech Recognition on Intelligent Lamp

Usually, the switch brightness of the light is controlled by pressing the switch by hand. The smart one is controlled by remote control, even by mobile phone APP. But these are not the most convenient schemes. Smart lights plus speech recognition can recognize and control the light by speaking. Compared with pressing the switch before the switch, it is through speech recognition to turn on the phone APP before turning on the light and other modes. Control lights are also the most user-friendly and convenient.

IV. Speech Recognition Terms for Intelligent Lamps:

1, turn on the lights.

2, turn off the lights.

3. Brighten up

4. Brighten up a little more

5. Darker

6. Darker

(More voice entries are customizable)

5. Speech Recognition Scheme Suitable for Intelligent Lamps:

WTK6900 speech recognition scheme, small size, high recognition rate, recognition distance up to 3 - 4 meters, for household lamps, this recognition distance is enough to control the high recognition rate of the lamps, price concessions.