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Intelligent Belt Solution

Today, with the development of science and technology, intelligent waistband is an intelligent upgrade and transformation for the waistband, so that the waistband can have more functions. From conceptualization to materialization, the functions of intelligent waistband can be combined and developed to form a new intelligent waistband. Intelligent waistband can play its own role in a certain industry or function.

Functions of Intelligent Belt:

1. Tracking function: Intelligent belt that can track the waist circumference, steps and diet of users.

2. Monitor waist circumference changes when users eat: When users eat too much, the waistband will send the waist circumference change data to the mobile phone through Bluetooth, so that users stop eating.

3. With pedometer: you can record the user's sitting time every day. If you sit for a long time, it will remind you to get up and move around.

4. Cooperate with mobile application: It can help users lose weight and shape themselves. As long as users set goals for exercise and weight loss, intelligent programs can calculate the best program to urge users to lose weight well.

Solution of Smart Glasses

In the aspect of APP:

Bluetooth connects to a smartphone or tablet computer to support two different systems, iOS and Android. In App, we need to set exercise goals, including basic shaping, postpartum repair and fitness.

For the development of smart belts, advances in science and technology make small spaces play a major role. Intelligent product development is based on the actual needs of our lives, so functional practicality is an important standard. Intelligent belt can also play a role in emergency rescue, such as radio orientation, voice intercom, etc.