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语音识别养生壶集煮水,药膳,花草茶,养生汤,养生粥等20多种功能合一,兼顾着不同年龄层次的消费群体日常需求,贴心为所有年龄层次人群而设计的养生小护士 。如果增加语音导航和语音识别提示功能,方便视力比较弱或昏暗环境下使用。养生壶也是送礼的必选之一,送老人,送同事,送朋友,送家人,都是非常不错的。










推荐WTK6900-24SS语音识别芯片、WTK6900B02语音识别模块,高性能、高识别率,离线识别,可以实现固定词汇,非特定人识别,也可以播放语音,1米内识别率为90%以上,支持4~128M SPI flash,识别方式包括直接识别、按键识别、唤醒词识别等,功能支持定制。

SCM development, scheme development, intelligent product development, PCBA customization development, product development

SCM development, scheme development, intelligent product development, PCBA customization development, product development

SCM development, scheme development, intelligent product development, PCBA customization development, product development

Speech recognition health pot scheme, speech recognition IC module recommendation

1. Background of speech recognition health pot:

With the changes of the times, people are paying more and more attention to health preservation, especially after the autumn festival, which is the best time of the year. Everyone will choose a health pot to boil all kinds of soup for health preservation. In winter season, the indoor is dry. Drinking more water can avoid fire. Workers and white-collar workers prefer to make scented tea to moisturize the skin and recuperate their bodies. Breakfast can also make various kinds of health porridge, such as boiling all kinds of health porridge or making tea, which are popular with female consumers.

2. The main functions of speech recognition health pot:

The appearance of the health pot is similar to that of the electric kettle. The appearance of the health pot is more exquisite. Besides boiling water, it also has the functions of scented tea, boiling eggs, soup, noodles, health-preserving medicinal meals, cereal porridge, chafing dish, yoghurt, boiling wine, hot milk, cold tea, disinfection, heat preservation, steaming eggs, boiling coffee, baby water, milk powder water and other functions. The voice recognition health pot realizes man-machine pairing. Speaking directly to the health pot to make coffee, you can instantly realize the function of making coffee.

3. Value of adding voice function to voice recognition health pot:

Speech recognition health pot integrates more than 20 functions, such as boiling water, medicinal meals, herbal tea, health soup and health porridge. It takes into account the daily needs of different age groups, and is designed for all age groups. If voice navigation and voice recognition prompt function are added, it will be convenient to use in weak vision or dim environment. Health pot is also one of the necessary gifts. Sending old people, colleagues, friends and family are very good.

4. Speech Recognition of Typical Speech Contents of Health Kettle: (In addition to voice playback, you can also alarm sound prompts)

1. Welcome to use health pot

2. The cereal porridge has been cooked. Please use it.

3. Flower tea has been cooked. Please use it.

4. Yogurt has been cooked. Please use it.

5. Water for milk powder has been burned, please use it.

6. Shut down, please turn off the power. Thank you.

7. Control of "Timing, Reservation, Fast Stewing, Slow Stewing, Cancellation of Reservation, Cancellation of Timing" can be set.

5. Speech Recognition Recommended Speech Recognition Scheme for Health Kettle:

WTK6900-24SS Speech Recognition Chip and WTK6900B02 Speech Recognition Module are recommended. They have high performance, high recognition rate and off-line recognition. They can realize fixed vocabulary, non-specific person recognition and play voice. The recognition rate within one meter is more than 90%. They support 4-128M SPI flash. The recognition methods include direct recognition, key recognition and wake-up word recognition. The functions support customization.