Medical device storage management program development

2020-11-03 19:22:23

Medical device storage management program development

Medical device storage management program development

I. Overview

    Record the storage time of the equipment and the time it leaves. The temperature and humidity can be displayed on the screen, LED lights can be turned on and off, and the size of the fan can be adjusted. It can communicate with the host computer through WIFI and 3G, and manage the use of the device through the host computer.

    The product adopts STM32 processor platform, with WIFI and 3G communication, with temperature and humidity check function, etc., with 7-inch LCD screen and capacitive touch screen.


2. System composition

     It is mainly composed of the following parts: card reader part, LCD touch screen part, temperature and humidity sensor part, usb part, wifi part, 3G part and other modules.

Three, technical parameters


Support a USB HOST 2.0

2. wifi

Support a WIFI, used to communicate with the outside world, UART communication interface

3. GPRS communication

Support GPRS communication, used to communicate with the host computer;

4. Network port (optional)

Support a 10M/100M adaptive network port for communication with the host computer

5. Memory

Support a SPI NOR-FLASH memory for data storage and other applications

6. Label

●Working frequency: 840-960MHz

●Working mode: read and write.

●Conform to the agreement:

International standard ISO18000-6C (EPC Class1 Gen2)

●Reading distance: UHF 0.2-30m is related to the antenna size of the reader.

●Read and write times: 100,000 times.

●Working temperature: -35℃-75℃

●Storage temperature: -40℃-80℃

●Working humidity: 0-95%

●Packaging material: PVC material.

●Antenna material: PET substrate + aluminum foil antenna, copper wire and wire antenna.

●Product size: standard 33×16×0.8 mm, other sizes can be customized

7. LCD screen and capacitive touch screen

Used to display temperature and humidity values, switch LED lights. 7-inch serial port screen DGUS industrial capacitive touch screen voice screen configuration. TTL or 232 serial port,

8. Air filter

Adjustable wind speed

9. Power

Power supply adopts mature and stable power module

10. Temperature and humidity sensor

Environmental variables for collecting temperature and humidity

11. LED lights

220V AC

12. Main control board

Use ST's STM32Fxxx main processor as the core, with a main frequency of 168MHZ, and an external 128K NOR FLASH